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About Us关于妈妈宝宝

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About Today Publishing关于公司

Today Publishing is the publishing house of four parenting magazines, namely MomBaby, Parenthood, Parenting and Mami & Baby. MomBaby magazine was published in 1994. Being the one and only locally produced Chinese parenting magazine, it had taken the Malaysian market by storm. MomBaby is a monthly magazine devoted to helping young mothers and mothers-to-be get reliable information on childcare and parenting.

Due to the overwhelming success of MomBaby, Parenthood, a monthly English parenting magazine, hit the local bookshelves in time to greet the new millennium in 2000. A special pullout aptly named Pregnancy comes free with every issue of Parenthood. A year later, another Chinese magazine namely Parenting, was published. Parenting covers issues about raising children.

On December 2004, Mami & Baby, a monthly Malay magazine hit the market in response to the popular demand by our readers and potential advertisers. A special pullout aptly named Hamil, also comes free with every copy of Mami & Baby.


E-妈妈宝宝 电子杂志 | E-Mombaby E-Magazine


 E-妈妈宝宝 电子杂志 | E-Mombaby E-Magazine
E-妈妈宝宝 电子杂志 | E-Mombaby E-Magazine

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